Benefits of Mobile Grooming

Pure Convenience

I come to your home or office, saving you trips to and from the grooming shop. Mobile grooming is perfect for active and busy families.

You don’t have to fill the usual four-hour gap between when you drop you dog off at the groomer and pick him up.

If desired, after grooming your pet twice, I can groom your pet when you are not home.

Safety and Health Concerns

  • I never use tranquilizers on dogs
  • Zero chance of contracting diseases or parasites from other dogs
  • No risk of car sickness
  • No dog hair in your car
  • Your dog will not experience separation anxiety
  • I am comfortable handling disabled and senior dogs

Less stress and anxiety for your dog

  • One-on-one professional care, from start to finish, unlike some shops that have a receptionist, bathers and multiple groomers
  • Your dog gets uninterrupted attention, from start to finish
  • Your dog is NEVER put in a cage.
  • Grooming starts upon arrival, preventing your dog from having to wait in a cage.
  • Your pet never has to leave your property.
  • Avoided trauma of cage drying.
  • Mobile grooming works wonder for nervous or older pets
  • They should be back to sleeping on the couch within 2 hours of grooming